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Story of 'Reverence'


In early 2006, TIffany Chantel donated a large, original painting to Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU), Center for Women's Health, to support its mission of linking healing with the visual arts.

Backed by much research, it's been known for some time that taking in art can have a meditative, even healing effect on a person. As a pioneer in medical breakthroughs and cutting edge research, OHSU is one of a handful of health universities and healing centers to combine the power of art with healing. The art collection at OHSU houses ecclectic, museum-quality works laced throughout its hallways and gallery spaces.

Chantel's donation, the painting called "Reverence," is now part of the OHSU art collection and hangs in the Center for Women's Health, Peter O. Kohler Pavilion. This brand-new, state-of-the-art building -- also the landing pad for the OHSU Tram -- features artwork by well-known regional and national artists.

Making this donation to OHSU sparked Tiffany's desire to apply her artistic talent to helping those in need. She has since set up her "Art for Healing™" program, which allows any gallery or invidividual exhibiting or purchasing Tiffany Chantel art to donate 5% of their commission or purchase price to the OHSU Center for Women's Health. This creates a perennial "win-win" alliance between art enthusiasts, art distributors and the science and energy of healing.

Still in its infancy, the Art for Healing™ program has already earned the Center for Women's Health commission donations from Tiffany Chantel art sales at Tea Chai Te. And, sooon others will follow.

Join the Art for Healing™ movement by learning how you can support wellness and other philanthropic causes with Tiffany Chantel art. Let the healing begin! contact us >>

Pictures of 'Reverence'

tiffany chantel painting entitled, "Reverence"
"Reverence," acrylic on cavass, 36" x 36"
photo of Tiffany Chantel and Dr. Joanna Cain, M.D.
Tiffany Chantel with Dr. Joanna Cain, M.D., OHSU Center for Women's Health Director, standing beside "Reverence"

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