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About Tiffany

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Tiffany Chantel is a self-taught abstract expressionist artist and founder of the 21st century art movement called "Abstract Energeticism™." Her style, as depicted by the name, emphasizes the energetic experience involved in creating works of art. Similar to the ancient and natural healing arts expressed by Shamanism and the modern concept of mind/body medicine, Chantel invokes the subtle energy rhythms of nonlinear thought and intuitive movement to achieve expressions of rich color, abstract patterning, and shapelessness. Her paintings have been purchased by numerous collectors across the country and donated to major human rights foundations.

Artist Statement

My work focuses on mixing rich and bold colors to create abstract scenes suggestive of landscapes or pure energetic flow. Sometimes using several colors at once, I blend paints in a spontaneous, intuitive fashion. The result is a body of unique works with layers of hue, often evoking organic states, fluid motion and varied emotional subtext.

It is important for me to get out of the way of the art as I paint. This requires that I truly trust my instincts in composition and color patterning. To do this, I feel the moment as a connective force linking my deeper consciousness, the colors, textures, and ephemera. It is very much like a meditation in color. The results are astoundingly calming and invigorating.

Art has a way of inspiring our natural capacity for healing. As a survivor of chronic myelogenous leukemia, it is even more important for me to send the message of "Art as Healer" to the world. By transcending the "idea" of form or limitation, a freer, more natural state of peace and vision emerges. As we put our "attention on our intention," we create our bliss of purpose. When we dip into creativity, and express from this wellspring of intention, great things are possible. We experience a healing of body, mind and spirit.

I believe that art vibrates at a very high frequency, much higher than most humans acknowledge on a daily basis. To truly honor the art, I try to turn off my mind and trust my instincts. The process that unfolds is often dynamic, confrontational, calming and euphoric. I call it "Abstract Energeticism™." Ultimately, my artistic goal is to share the images that emerge from this process as evidence of our limitless potential.

My philanthropic work includes artistic donations to Habitat for Humanity, Oregon Health & Science University, the GATES Project for Poverty Relief in Africa, and Emergency Communities/Made With Love Café programs for Hurricane Katrina relief.*


*I don’t always sign my work before a show, so as not to distract the eye from the creative content. If you purchase a painting that is not signed, I am happy to sign it in person. Call Tiffany Chantel Studios at 503.287.4080 to schedule a signing.

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